Founded in 2017, our mission is simple - to redefine what is possible in controlling monomer sequences and set a new industry standard. This means you get precisely what you ask for every time, nothing oversized, nothing undersized. Working with us would give you access to high MW polymers with high purity that would make Heisenberg proud!

Here's our secret

Using our patented Nanostar Sieving technology, we build polymers from the ground up. Just like building a wall, we lay one layer of building blocks, get rid of the excess, and repeat until we are satisfied. We use this technology to make natural polymers (eg peptides, oligonucleotides) and synthetic polymers (eg PEG).

Our PromisE TO you

  • Exact polymers with purity you can't find anywhere else

  • Excellence in quality guarantee with every dispatch

  • Exceptional technical support and long-term collaboration



Professor Andrew Livingston CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Livingston (AGL) joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College in 1990. Since then, he served as the Head of Department, the Director of the Barrer Centre and the interim academic lead of Rosalind Franklin Institute. His research group focuses on membranes for molecular separations in liquids. Awards include the Junior Moulton Medal, Cremer and Warner Medal, and Underwood Medal of IChemE, and Silver Medal of Royal Academy of Engineering. In 1995, AGL founded a company to commercialize membrane separation technologies invented in his research group and to develop Organic Solvent Nanofiltration, eventually leading to the creation of the first-ever spiral wound membrane in 2008. The company was then acquired by a German speciality chemicals company, forming the largest global producer of solvent stable OSN membranes.

Dr Piers Gaffney
Science Director & Co-Founder

Piers Gaffney is a chemist with particular expertise in phosphate ester chemistry and in protecting groups for the synthesis of primary metabolites. For the last 6 years he has been in the Livingston Group, bringing his chemical expertise to the preparation of mono-disperse PEGs, high MW peptides, and liquid phase oligonucleotide synthesis (LPOS). He has led the work preparing mono-disperse PEG-3714 [HO(C2H4O)84H] and a drug-like RNA phosphorothioate 20-mer.


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